About me

Hi, I'm Daniel Kolesa, aka q66. I'm a software engineer from Brno, Czech Republic. I currently work at Igalia as a part of the WebKit team. In addition to that I also have a variety of personal open source projects, such as OctaForge and Chimera Linux, and am to various degrees involved in Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, Void Linux (notably the POWER/PowerPC port, but also the actual distro) and other projects. I've had an interest in programming since the early 2000s, and particularly free software since 2007. Nowadays I also deal with open hardware.

I'm also into baking (and to a lesser degree cooking), music, audio tech, cinema, anime, and DIY stuff.



Check out my GitHub above for more active projects. OctaForge and related repositories are hosted directly at git.octaforge.org, with mirrors on GitHub.

Skills and interests