About me

Hi, I'm Daniel Kolesa, aka q66. I'm a software engineer currently employed at Samsung Open Source Group. I work on all sorts of stuff, including OctaForge and Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. I currently live in Brno, Czech Republic. I have been programming since 2007, at which point I developed an interest in free software; these days I'm also interested in open hardware.



Check out my GitHub above for more active projects. OctaForge and related repositories are hosted directly at git.octaforge.org, with mirrors on GitHub. I also maintain Void Linux on PowerPC, particularly 64-bit (little and big endian). There is currently a fork (until official binary repos are made), available here.

Void for PowerPC/Power architecture

The Raptor Talos 2 system is my daily driver. I also have a Power Mac G5 and a PowerBook G4 for testing, to also cover testing of big endian and 32-bit flavors on older hardware. The project is unique in that it aims to have first class support for all three (as well as support for the musl libc on each) while being legacy-free (which means using the modern ELFv2 ABI for both userland and kernel on all of the 64-bit flavors, not just little-endian, for example).

Skills and interests